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GICD is an organization registered (00NGO/R/0252) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 operating in Tanzania mainland. Due to global climate change which affects the livelihood all over the world, Tanzania being among the developing country has also suffered in various sectors including Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Management. The organization was formulated in October 2017, become fully registered in 2019 and is composed by professional graduates from various field related to Education for Sustainability, Environment, Forestry, Water resources and Community Development. Founders were motivated to become agents for change in promoting environmental conservation programs linked with local community development. Having realized and understand a gap that exists between ecology, society and economy spheres in Tanzania, founders were determined to establish an organization that will bring together community to live within environmental limits while ensuring sustainability utilization of environmental resources. The center’s core value is to employ environmental conservation approach towards contributing to the achievement of Millennium development goals (MDG`s).

Despite the significant role played by environmental resources to Tanzania`s socio economic growth, increasing population growth and unsustainable utilization of natural resources has increased degradation and threatens availability of environmental resources services and their support to community livelihood. This has escalated poverty, basic living hardship particularly in rural area where they depend on naturally available resources. To address this problem, this Organization is formed in order to provide training and capacity building particularly to rural communities on sustainable environmental conservation and utilization. The organization will work closely with the local community, government authorities and other partners in order to conserve the environment and have a sustainable utilization of the available environmental resources for the present and future generation.

Focus Area

  • To ensure sustainable biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management.
  • To support and promote social and economic development initiatives for local community development.
  • To carry out capacity building and interdisciplinary research to promote sustainable utilization of ecosystem services and community livelihood.
  • To facilitate and support sustainable environmental management activities
  • To conduct biodiversity and ecosystem assessments and audit


GICD Promote Sustainable Environmental Conservation Programs.


GICD envision Sustainable Environmental Conservation for Improving Livelihood in Tanzania

Main Goal

To ensure Environmental Sustainability and Community Development in Tanzania


  • Promote Sustainable Environmental Conservation Programs and providing social-economic support for local community
  • Promote Sustainable Utilization of Ecosystem Services for Improving Community Livelihood
  • Provide capacity building and consultancy services to rural communities in order to foster sustainable community development

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Meet Our Team

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Emmanuel Komba

Executive Director
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Tiransia Shoo

Deputy Executive Director
team member1

Beatus Mwendwa

Director – Administration
team member3

Makungu Bulayi

Director of Programs

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Ernest Siwa

Director Planning Monitoring and Evaluation
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Dorah Mbogo

Manager Capacity Building

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John Baines

Project Advisor

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David Skillen

Global Education Advisor

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